Babylon 5 - Well, it's in syndication. It's best to watch the whole thing or you will get lost. <G>

You are Here - Just in case you forgot.

Don't go here!! -


Visit these sites at your leisure. Lots of stuff to look at and download. - Looking for something at the rock bottom price ?? Check this out before buying it !!


Shareware offers a lot of trial samples of excellent programing. CNET Central hangs out there with them. If you don't know anything about Shareware, think DOOM.


ICQ is a program (beta, right now) that allows you the cross over any internet barrier to type (type and speak, if you got the programing) to anyone who has internet access. It is quite remarkable. I've had chats with people all over the World and let me tell ya, there is no language barrier....especially when it comes to music..


BUGS, BUGS, BUGS. Their out there, especially those nasty .dot, .doc ones. If you don't have a good anit-virus program, get off while you still have a hard drive !!!! If you do, then update, update, update. These guys come out with new definitions every month.

Live Camera Around The World - Want to see whats going on around the World ? This site will send you there.

The Martian Consulate - If your interested in buying some property on Mars.


Hey, what can I say. This family is nutz about Disneyworld. Every couple of years we go there and gladly give them a LOT of money !!!???

Hubble Telescope

Excellent photos of the universe around us. They also have movies of some breathtaking occurrences happening around us all the time. Take a peak !!

Who owns the patent??

This site will find your query on who claims what as theirs.

The Visible Human Project

The U.S. National Library of Medicine has some very useful items in it. Want to see what your made of? This site will cut you right up and show you!!

Dell Computer - Gateway Computer - Apple Computer

The largest around. Watch them fight. PRICE WARS. YEAHHHH !!

Netscape - Microsoft

The largest around. Watch THEM fight. SOFTWARE PRICE WARS. YEAAAAAHHHHH !!!!!!! (give aways)

Welcome to Mr. Showbiz

The complete listing of all the stars and lights on the big and little screen. bios, stories, stuff going on, etc.

Windows 95 Software

Take a real good guess what this is.

Download Software

Take a real good guess what this is too.

The Weather Channel

Sorry to have to keep doing this, but, take a real good guess what this is too, too.

Internic-Web Interface to Whois

The way you find out who owns what on the net. A search engine that lists the .com, .net, .org., .gov, etc owners. Yes, I'm in there too.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Domain. MY FAVORITE !!!


The Atomic clock. Set your time. Remember, the hour will not be your time zone (probably), but the minute and second will.

Websidestory -

Get your counter here, it's free and they will compile all stats on your website or individual page.

Near Live Comet Watching System

Nasa has this site that posts all the comets astronomers can find. Hale-Bopp is on the top right now, but, they have hundreds of photos of all kinds of comets whizzing by.

Comet Observation Home Page

Nasa has this page too for astronomers.

Search Info

Another search engine not everybody has.

Monmouth Internet Homepage


Beginners Guide to HTML - Big Dummys guide to the Internet

The start of something for you NEWBIES

W3 Tech School of Web Design

Useful tips on starting your own pages.

PC Week

The latest and greatest computer stuff out now and tomorrow !!


The latest in sports