ADAM'S HOME PAGE - my sons site. music and links

ANDREA - plays the galactic violin  for the Oklahoma Philharmonic Orchestra and of course Startrek <G>.

BAGGIO'S HOME PAGE - a game player, heads Paramounts live sims

CALLISTOPRIME - the life and times of Kris

CHAD'S - He's into role playing (like most of the people listed here)

ENCHANTE'S - Dorothy is a music lover and runs the WAV Carousel, Midi-go-round , has irc music chats and has several pages devoted to children.

FIFTIES WEBSITE - Baby Booms Unite !! GO HERE !!

HEIDI'S - Broadway midis, cats, adoption, freebies, contests and home and garden. One of my constant chat about stuff friend.

LOIS BERBERICH - Lois loves to cruise (on boats). For personal web sites, her's is rather large. Unique music too.

MARK APPELBAUM - Fellow squad member. Mark is a nerd :-), but I like him.

MARK SALAWAY - My nephew, he likes storys and jokes that are on the fringe.

MARK SEARS - This Mark also likes role playing games on the net.

MEKELA'S - Sherri is a Star Wars fan.

MIKE LENNOX - Mike is into Fire Fighting.

MOOIE'S WEBSITE - Mooie takes you down on the farm.

NICKIE'S HOME - Nicke is a game manager for StarWars and Startrek.

NICKS LINKS - If your looking for a site, go here, he's got over a 100 listed.

RENEE'S PLACE - Renee is crazy. You will like her site.

RICH'S HOME - Rich is building quite a home on the net.

RYAN'S WEBPAGE - He's still working on his page as of 6/12/97. Another role playing fanatic.

TIFFANY'S SPOT- Tiffany is a Captain on one of the Star Trek simulations . See her family !