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Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Bambi 3 sheet, Bambi insert, Song of the South, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, The Three Caballeros, So Dear To My Heart, The Reluctant Dragon, Fun and Fancy Free, Music Land, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Pollyanna, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Aristocats, Kidnapped, (always looking for Original year Disney posters), and a lot of current movie posters and banners not shown. 

We also have a few re-releases for the budget minded: 

1954 Pinocchio and 

1 1951 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

 In sci-fi and other categories:

Star Wars, Art Nouveau Black Dandy


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snowhitea1.jpg (94908 bytes) 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1A sheet. 27 by 41 inches. This was the first Snow White poster that came out in 1937. It features the 7 dwarfs. This poster was linen backed and conserved at Studio C, California. There is minor touchup on the bottom fold where the copyright is located.

$5,000.00 includes frame 

sleepingbeauty.jpg (104157 bytes) 1959 Sleeping Beauty 27 x 41 inches. This gorgeous poster was expertly conserved with very minor foldline restoration by Igor. This poster is wonderfully colorful with bright graphics and has all the main characters.


snowhite51.jpg (112419 bytes) 1951 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Minor restoration on the fold lines. One of the best posters I have seen for this year.


rdragon.jpg (108345 bytes) 1941 The Reluctant Dragon One Sheet 27 x 41 inches linen-backed. this poster is in very fine condition. This feature incorporates a number of cartoons such as Baby Weems, The Reluctant Dragon, Casey Junior, Old McDonald Duck, How to Ride a Horse and shows glimpses of Studio work at Disney Studios. This cartoon opens in black and white and transforms into technicolor.


bambiins42.jpg (125830 bytes) 1942 Bambi insert 14x36. TWITTERPATED??!  This insert is unrestored. The fold lines are nearly invisible. There is NO PAINT LOSS at the fold lines. It looks like it was folded once, then opened and never folded again.   really... I would guarantee this and say excellent, near mint. 

$1,500.00 ON EBAY AT HALF OFF!!

bambi.jpg (116432 bytes) 1942 Bambi. 3 sheet 41 by 81 linen backed. Conserved with some restoration. There was a piece missing in the m of Bambi, but, it is imperceptible now. It is nearly impossible to tell from an inch away. Again, Studio C. 



3caballeros3s.jpg (130826 bytes) 1946 The Three Caballeros 3 Sheet. 41x81 and linen backed. Very Hard to find and in very fine condition. There is a dot of missing paper in a couple of spots within the poster...pin dot size. You would have to really stick your nose on the paper to see them. A really nice and bright poster.


songsouth.jpg (96193 bytes) 1946 Song Of The South. 27 by 41 inches unrestored. Live and animation Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox and Uncle Remus. This poster is in Fine condition. There is a center fold line problem and a wrinkled  bottom right edge. This poster will be restored if I get enough in and cost you a LOT more if you don't buy it now!


funfancy.jpg (118840 bytes) 1947 Fun and Fancy Free One Sheet 27 x 41 inches linen-backed. This poster is in very fine condition with minor restoration to the center fold lines. this one features Jiminy Cricket, Edger Bergen and his marionettes Charley McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. Features are Bongo, Mickey and the Beanstalk (with Donald and Goofy) and quite a few songs.


sodearht.jpg (111446 bytes) 1949 So Dear To My Heart One sheet on linen. Burl Ives makes this picture a 4 star event at the time. This poster has been linen backed and has a small water mark the the left of the  H in heart. It is hard to see in real life. 


cinderella.jpg (106826 bytes) 1950 Cinderella 3 sheet 41 by 81 inches and linen backed. This one was also conserved at Studio C. There were some very small cuts in the poster that the linen backing made invisible. 


peterpan.jpg (148257 bytes) 1953 Peter Pan. One Sheet with no restoration. When I originally viewed this it was as you see it. By the time the auction was finished there were three tiny separations in each meeting fold. The folds and separations would vanish with conservation.


pinocchio54.jpg (81246 bytes) 1954 Pinocchio. One sheet and linen backed. One of the most asked for Pinocchio posters. Great color, great graphics. One of the best posters of this type I have seen. Fold lines are almost imperceptible. All the paper is there and in very fine to excellent condition. It doesn't get better than this unless you find one that was rolled...good luck.


musicland.jpg (127197 bytes) 1955 Music Land. 27x41 inches and linen backed. Almost undetectable fold lines. Very minor touch up. A variety of previous Disney cartoons set into one movie.


darbyog.jpg (130993 bytes) 1959 Darby O'Gill and the Little People. 41 by 81 3 sheet. This poster was conserved with minor restoration (small tear now invisible and some border paper loss) at Studio C. A great little movie and a poster with absolutely great graphics. I'm sure Sean O'Connery :-) had a great time making it. 



myfairladylb.jpg (144833 bytes) 1964 My Fair Lady. Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. This poster has been linenbacked and is in excellent condition. There is very minor touch up to the fold lines. You won't find a better copy in linen backing than this one.



20kleagues.jpg (144882 bytes) 1954 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. Kurt Douglas. One of my favorites. This O/S is linen backed with restoration to the folds and some paper added at the borders due to tears. Still looks great in a frame.


junglebook.jpg (115786 bytes) 1967 Jungle Book. This O/S is straight from the original box it came in. Three original crossfolds and NO CENTER FOLD. There are no creases, pinholes, tears or any other distraction. You can not buy a better one sheet.


pollyanna.jpg (92370 bytes) 1960 Pollyanna. This O/S is also straight from the original box it came in. Three original cross folds and NO CENTER FOLD. There are not creases, pinholes, tears or any other distraction. You can not buy a better one sheet.


aristrocats.jpg (104233 bytes) 1970 The Aristocats. This is an unrestored 27 x 41 inch one sheet in very fine condition. The poster is bright (despite the photo). The graphics are excellent.


kidnapped.jpg (110054 bytes) 1960 Kidnapped. This is an unrestored 27 x41 inch one sheet in fine/very fine condition some corner pinholes. Graphics are excellent. 


starwarsd.jpg (160567 bytes) 1977 Star Wars Style D. The used poster style and in folded excellent condition. This poster is gorgeous. Unrestored with no pinholes or separations. It's this one or find a rolled one. 



africain.jpg (93828 bytes) 1890's Art Nouveau Black Dandy poster. A French Creole Mardi Gras original advertising poster from the late 19th century. Quite a rare and interesting piece of Black Memorabilia. the black man in a dandy, which implies wealth and position. Only the Black Creoles of New Orleans and Louisiana and France were accepted and held in such high regard by society in the 19th century. Even more unused, the black dandy holds a black doll. Brilliant colors and graphics in the Art Nouveau style of the period. 17 1/2 x 31 1/2 inches