Boy, with the right programming, you can do all kinds of stuff, huh. Anyway, if your into animating your site and making it sparkle and shine here are some nice ones I found. I have also included some sites that really go overboard on the subject if you want to, too. If you have an idea, but don't know how to make one for your site, email us and we will make one for you. Send requests to Uhmm, there will be a small charge for this service. The reason for the charge is because there are a lot of animation programs free for all on the net, like at Shareware, or better yet, go to the bottom of Nick's page, the imager and animation programs are right there.

All these files are in winzip 6.2 with a brief explaination of each file.

If you like the backround music, then click here to hear it play through before you start downloading.

UPDATED 4/21/97

--NEW - just like it says (34k)

--POINTERS - get you in the right direction (12k)

--STARS - flashers and regulars (5k)

--BUTTONS- balls, exclaim, spots, smiling face, lights, blops, scissors, target, checks (101k)

--E-MAIL-you know, envelope, flymail, email stuff (112k)

--FLAGS-ours, of course (American) (51k)

--HOLIDAYS-halloween (my favorite, if you haven't noticed already) and Christmas (127k)

--ICONS-a-e- aladdinslamp, atomspin, virus, eyes, downloadgun (140k)

--ICONS f-z- file, phone, siren, traffic, trash, working (101k)

--ANIMALS-cats, dogs, rabbits, dragon, mouse, felix, sonic, sylvester, tasmanian devil, whye coyote. (181k)

--BUGS- ants, butterflies, bees, spider (28k)

--PEOPLE-very familiar looking people (61k)

--DOLLS- two to be exact (27k)

--MUSIC- musical stuff (129k)

--LINES-bikes, ambulances, feet, film, rulers, stage lights, hot air balloon (170k)

--PLANETS-ours and somebody elses (364k)

--SPACESTUFF-some things that don't fit into Starwars and Startrek.(25.5k)

--STARTREK-only five, but, your going to like them!! One is a Klingon ship being blown to kingdom come.(317k)

--STARWARS-1-ok, first the planets and main articles, like spinning spacecraft. (67.6k)

--STARWARS-2-next, probdroids, landspeeder, radar, logos, blaster and stormtrooper (176k)

--STARWARS-3-dogfights and traveling (540k)

--SPORTS- basketball, football,skiing, soccer, tennis (114k)


If you want to look at a few thousand more, go to any of these sites.




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